The value I bring is to help you to better understand your inner life and the emotional dynamics of interacting with the outside world. Changes in the sense of self and relationships with others can be significant and sustained, alleviating suffering brought about by anxiety, depression and psychological issues.

We work by identifying and exploring dominant and recurring themes, reframing the symptoms, thinking about relationship disturbances and modes of communicating, and developing a capacity to reflect on experiences in life, which were previously non negotiable to emotional exploration.

Personal growth and development of inner resources that allow richer, freer and more fulfilling lives is facilitated by feeling profoundly understood in the ‘present moment’, and containing and supporting the therapeutic journey in a professional way, and being held carefully in mind. Positive change is effected by the emotional experience of being involved in a carefully considered, well-structured and coherent interpersonal endeavor.

My Orientation
The primary focus is on the psychological insight that emerges from understanding the processing of emotional experiences. Secondly, encouraging a capacity to reflect and so enhance the ability to mitigate and manage internal and interpersonal difficulties.

Observation, scientific research and clinical practice supports analytic therapy as the most illuminating and incisive way of understanding human nature and the depth, scale, and dimensions of the emotional difficulties and as a means of expanding and transforming conscious awareness.

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