"Patients treated with psychodynamic psychotherapy were better off with regard to their problems than 92% of patients before therapy (Archives of General Psychiatry 61, 1208-1216 paper 2004 by Leichsenring, F., Rabung, S. , Leibing, E.)."

There is considerable research and an increasing accumulation of high quality empirical evidence supporting psychodynamic concepts and treatments and that patients who receive this therapy not only maintain therapeutic gains but continue to improve over time (click here for information on the studies in: Shedler, J ‘The Efficacy of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy’ article in American Psychologist 2009 and at http://psychsystems.net/shedler.html

Evidence indicates: ‘the benefits of treatment are lasting and not transitory, and appear to extend well beyond symptom remission. Psychological health is not merely the absence of symptoms; it is the positive presence of inner capacities and resources that allow people to live life with a greater sense of freedom and possibility’ ( Stedler: p.18).

This is because by working on emotional experiences through the analysis you learn to understand better and are personally more resourceful to emotionally problem solve, self regulate and tolerate frustrating difficulties that may arise. A kind of internal reorganization emerges and generates self-correcting growth.

I believe that empirical research is valuable for practice but equally that practice is also vitally necessary for grounding science and clinical research in everyday clinical observation and the therapeutic work.

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